The 10 most popular Louis Vuitton bags of all time

As can only be seen from the price, designer bags are for life. Like classic black blazer or a tested camel excavation, a designer bag is a wardrobe that is immune to industry trends.

Of course, this reality must be taken into account when choosing your new valuable possession. First of all, it is important to consider the purpose. For example, are you looking for a smaller weekend bag or a larger one daily bag in which all your most important things can be gathered? Aside from the intention, you need to see yourself using this bag for the next decade (and beyond). Think about which print, style and colors will age well, both in terms of trend and in terms of personal style.

Of course, a classic Louis Vuitton bag is a reliable option. The iconic French fashion house designed time-honored suitcases and bags from the late 19th century. Owning a classic Louis Vuitton bag is like owning a piece of fashion history. If you have chosen the eternal French brand, we support your decision. Below, continue your research and read the most popular Louis Vuitton bags of all time.

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