The 29 best oversized sweaters that are so comfortable

Although there is a set of first class trends of autumn dresses entering the spotlight this season, there is a specific silhouette that will undoubtedly take the prize for the most comfortable (and most chic) ​​option. Yes, I’m talking about the sweater dress – especially those ribbed and oversized styles.

Cozy nature with knitted (and sometimes knitted) fabric, sweater dress or ribbed dress is one of the most universal autumn brackets there because you can combine a neutral choice with almost any pair of shoes or a layered piece to create an A + ‘fit. So, if you don’t have one in your offer yet, maybe this is the time. In this sense, we scrolled through a number of sites to find the best sweater dresses for your attention. Keep scrolling to check them out, along with the inspiration for clothing scattered throughout.

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