These are the trends for short hair that will dominate in 2021.

With the approach of summer and scarce, sun-damaged lengths that linger strongly, the desire to cut all your hair it can be stronger than ever. While this feeling can usually be greeted with blank stares and reminders of caution, it just so happens. short hair is in a big trend right now. And not just the always popular ones bean hairstyle or. Celebrities, fashion girls and hairdressers are unanimous that all varieties of short hair are available. Rejoice!

So what does this mean for your short hair aspirations this season? Good things, we think! From cuts to colors and all kinds of styles, all short hair acquires a well-deserved new interest. Next, see the trends for short hair that will dominate the rest of the year. And don’t forget to scroll to the end to see the most modern and controversial look, which we can’t believe is still strong. Just wait.

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