This medicine for constipation can improve your memory

The drug activates the same receptors in the body that are triggered when people are able to flow.

Have you ever been so focused on something that you didn’t notice the passage of time? That’s what it’s called in a state of flow and a group of researchers are looking for ways to reproduce the feeling.

What they focused on in particular was to recreate this feeling in teams and to study the brain patterns of individuals. What emerged from this unique study was the surprising fact that a constipation drug can help create conditions conducive to fluidity.

The drug is called prucalopride and activates the same receptors (referred to as 5HT4 receptors) in the gut, which are also activated in the brain when people are moving.

The researchers asked participants to take the drug for seven days and then complete a memory task on the sixth day. They also had a placebo group to compare results.

They found that those who took the drug could in an appropriate way complete the memory task with an 81% success rate compared with a 76% success rate in the placebo group. They suggested that this may be due to the fact that the drug activates parts of the brain associated with memory.

Which parts of the brain are these? How do they work? What other tests have the researchers conducted? How effective have they generally found that prucalopride is in the trigger flow? This clever video from Science show answers all these questions, etc.

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