China unveils long-range GJ-11 unmanned aerial vehicles with swarms

The recently concluded Airshow China 2021 was the debut event for many Chinese military drones. Taking it unmanned aerial vehicle Technology (UAV) at the next level, the Chinese Aviation Industrial Corporation (AVIC) has introduced drones that can fly intercontinental flights, rise to near-cosmic heights and capture high-resolution images even in highly protected areas. The Global Times reported.

But what was likely to attract the attention of most was the display of the stealth drone GJ-11 with an open weapon compartment, providing a first visibility of its attacking capabilities. In operation since 2013, this UAV is powered by a turbofan engine and boasts a huge wingspan of 46 feet (14 m). While the details of the drone are largely unknown, the drone is believed to have a range of 2,485 miles (4,000 km) and a top speed of 1,000 km / h, and mostly stealth capabilities.

For the first time, however, the GJ-11, or at least its prototype, was available for careful inspection and demonstrated two symmetrical weapon compartments between the chassis. Each compartment can hold up to four rounds of ammunition, which can be precisely controlled sliding bombs, The Global Times reported.

Advertising videos about the capabilities of the GJ-11 from its manufacturer, Hongdu Aviation Industry Group, were also shown during the Airshow. One such video was shared by The disk.

As shown in this video, GJ-11 drones are capable of flying from landing ships, and when they are closer to the target, they can also deploy lures instead of firing ammunition. Although the drone is large, it may not be able to carry enough firepower to shoot down an enemy ship and could therefore be tasked with limiting the ship’s resources.

As the video below shows, these drones emit terrestrial waves to their targets, which can be signal attenuators or targeted energy weapons. It is not clear what the current capabilities of the GJ-11 are, but it can be seen that the vision for the drones is not much different from what the US military also intends to develop.

As the United States and its allies seek to increase their presence in Asia, these are some of the opportunities that need to be addressed.

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