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Kanye West was booked and busy in New York last week. While supposedly in the city to support the hosting of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian Saturday night live, he also found time for a serious brown clutch, meeting with two former Trump aide Michael Cohen in downtown St. Ambrose and with Vogue editor Anna Wintour at St. Ambrose in the West Village. A busy weekend for Ye requires some sturdy shoes — for example, a pair of Crocs platforms.

Seemingly Croc’d Kanye with Kim Kardashian West.


The pair that Kanye wears seem to be the stuffed Croc rubber boots from the Balenciaga collection with a strangely dark spring 2022 – this is not a surprise, as the creative director of Kanye and Balenciaga was Demna Gvasalia like this🤞 recently. This feels like a seasonally appropriate exchange for Ye’s own, adjacent to Croc, space age-y Yeezy Foam Runners, and it may only be a matter of time before it comes out in a pair of Crocs’ latest in-house iteration: a hardware platform with an even higher platform, modeled by both Elliot Page and Balenciaga’s Lewis Hamilton the red carpet track last week.

A cane wearing a Crocs (if, of course, that’s what it carries) falls in cross section at two main points here: the wider Renaissance teethand Kanye and Kim are deeper invasion of Demnaverse. (You can also call this Demna attack in the Kimverset, although it feels more symbiotic than that.) Kim, who has been wearing Balenciaga almost exclusively for the past month or more – including in Matt Gala and throughout her week from SNL rehearsals and performances – became the muse of the designer (a role she has long played for Kanye), the perfect girl for posters for the current era of the house pop populism. The same goes for Kanye, though refused to share the price of his Balenciaga merchandise – including the bag he wore around his neck as a passport holder – when social media personality Chris Smoow, known for his “How much does your fit?” videos ask, asked him last weekend. Whether or not he actually bought his entire Balenciaga doesn’t look here or there, although he’s definitely paying off part of it, as evidenced by his apparent cleanup of the entire stock of Dover Street Market as early as August. When you love something – including Crocs – you can never have enough.

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