Google Pixel 6 Will Get Five Years Of Updated Protection

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to Android smartphones is how long the company will support the device. This usually depends from manufacturer to manufacturer, when one offers one major Android update, while the other offers 2-3. And there are also preventative updates to consider, where we often see in 2-3 years the value of support.

However, with the upcoming Google Pixel 6, it looks like Google is likely to offer a five -year upgrade to the protection. This is according to a tweet by Evan Blass who shared a link to a list of Carphonewarehouse, which has since been taken down, and suggests that Google will offer the Pixel 6 series with less less than five years of renewing protection.

We’re not sure how many years many more Android updates will be available. If we have to guess a guess, we report at least two major updates, maybe even three. However, after that Google will apparently promise that the device will be protected from the latest threat for at least five years.

This means that even if you don’t get many Android updates, your device will remain protected from long -term security threats. Five years is a very long time ago in terms of people upgrading their phones, there’s a good chance you’ll get a new phone but it doesn’t support security for complete upgrades. Either way, there should be more details in the coming week in the Google Pixel 6 event check back with us for the latest news.

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