Microsoft has released the 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox Hardware

It’s safe to say that when Microsoft announced they would be playing, many were shocked. Beyond all that, the gaming industry behind it has been largely dominated by Nintendo and Sony’s enthusiasm when it comes to consoles, so it’s clear that Microsoft believes in plans to enter the space console. .

Fast forward to today, Microsoft is one of the top three gaming consoles in the industry and it’s been about 20 years since the first Xbox was launched. To celebrate this important milestone, Microsoft has introduced the first 20th Anniversary Special Edition tools in the form of controller games and head games.

The controller is usually the same as the new Xbox Wireless Controllers except it has a new look. According to Microsoft, “The 20th Anniversary Special Debug Manager is a new spin on the translucent green version of the first Xbox Debug box. The body of the controller features a translucent black finish with silver interior so you can see all the details. The nostalgic, green Xbox button brings us back to the original green Xbox logo. The color tag can also be found on the back of the arms and around the hybrid D-pad. “

It will be useful on Xbox consoles including the X | Series S, Xbox One, with Windows PCs and Android and iOS devices.

As for the headset, Microsoft based this on the Xbox Stereo Headset but with new colors and a little bit of design. The company says, “The headset also features a black body that is sculpted with a silver interior so you can see where this headset comes to life. Green color on the boom mic, inside and outside of the earrings. The left side is marked with our 20th Anniversary logo in our green image and the right side is marked with the Xbox logo, as seen on the Xbox Wireless and Stereo Headsets. ”

In terms of cost and availability, the 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller ma Xbox Stereo Headset will all be announced on November 15th they are priced at $ 69.99 each and are available for pre -order today for select marketers.

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