Musk says he ‘dies’ to build eVTOL supersonic jet

With the introduction of electric vehicles and the shortening of long transit times, Elon Musk would be the best bet to build a supersonic jet with vertical take-off and landing capabilities (VTOL). What’s more, he’sI’m dying to succeed too.

Although self-proclaimed, Elon Musk is Technoking. After simplifying global payments with PayPal, it moved to more difficult terrains to produce electric vehicles and reduce the cost of launching satellites and space missions, even when it had to do a lot of work from scratch. So if you want to build an electric jet to “green” your air, you can count on Musk or his company to do so.

This is probably what Twitter user Sam was hoping for when he set up Musk on social media by sharing a tweet on Solar Impulse 2 flight who circled the solar-powered globe in 2016 and asked him if he was ready for a challenge.

Musk openly replied that he not only wanted to build an eVTOL jet, but also wanted to make it fly at supersonic speeds. Unfortunately, he has too much on this plate.

Many inventors are looking for innovative ways to solve this problem, and Musk is unlikely to immerse himself in such a crowded arena. But that may not stop him from sharing his vision for the eVTOL supersonic aircraft. A few years ago, Musk and his company SpaceX shared white papers on the concept for HyperLoop, fast transit system. Although SpaceX did not participate in the plan, it promoted the concept and held numerous competitions to continue the idea.

Musk’s other venture, the boring company, was born after his frustration with traffic jams within the city. So, perhaps after some VTOL concepts become a reality and are too slow, Musk may need to get involved with a “supersonic” jet. We know something about Musk’s idea for such an aircraft. Speaking to Joe Rogan in his podcast, Musk had said that such an aircraft should ideally be used for propulsion forms. Let one stand in heaven, and let the other move. Independent reported.

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