Prisidio secures an additional $ 3.5 million in seed financing to revolutionize how you store key data

Prisidio has created a Chicago-based cloud data storage launch $ 3.5 million more in seed financing to expand the digital vault platform.

The series financing round was led by Chicago Ventures with the participation of existing investors OCA Ventures and Origin Ventures. This resulted in seed funding for the startup at $ 6.85 million. Rob Chesney, a partner at Chicago Ventures, said of the company’s involvement:

“A global pandemic and a series of endless natural disasters have taught us the importance of preparing the unthinkable, and Prisidio helps alleviate the stress of locating and organizing important assets. Chicago Ventures is pleased to help create a product that will help everyone at every stage of its life. Glenn and to reunite with Paul because they believe they are global entrepreneurs and are working to meet a major global need. ”

Startup was created in 2020, with the mission to change how people store key documents and information, sharing it with family and advisors. The digital vault platform developed by the launch will provide users with an efficient and secure way to securely store wills, mortgage deeds, tax documentation and other key data and to easily access trusted parties at all times.

Glenn Shimkus, CEO of Prisidio, and Paul Koziarz, CMO, the two entrepreneurs who have been in the management of documentaries for more than 50 years, created the startup, believing that following the essential information has been a unnecessarily difficult process. Although this information plays an important role in the lives of millions of people, it does not appear that a solution has taken advantage of current technology to facilitate the process. In this sense, Shimkus said:

“Keeping track of key personal information and documents is time consuming and frustrating, especially when you need to find them quickly, and even if you remember where to look. Prisidio changes all that individuals and families store, organize and store their most important documents and personal information. “With a secure, centralized sharing solution, you can collaborate and be ready for anything that may come your way in the future.

Cloud computing and storage solutions it has made it easier than ever to easily store and retrieve information from any location and device. However, the existing solutions do not provide a secure way to provide access to trusted parties or to organize the data itself effectively. He wants to be the first to provide an effective solution to this prison problem, offering millions of people a way to be prepared for the unexpected at the time when many realized they weren’t.

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