The craftsman has created airless tires for his bike and is working

The DIY project is cheap and simple.

Airless tire without puncture, better for the environment and minimizing the danger on the roads; could there be a better trio? Tire-resistant tires have been a fascinating concept for a long time: a tire manufacturer, such as Michelin, has been working on building tireless tires since 2005 and only recently took his airless tires to spin for the first time on an electric car.

While there some engineering challenges which must be overcome before the airless tires go on the road and become mainstream, you can still feel what it’s like to drive one by making your own. In this video from Q on YouTube you can learn how you can build one yourself using PVC pipes, bolts and nuts in a cheap and simple way. Then your bike will never burst!

Although the design needs to be changed, as noted in the description box, this is a fully functional design that will make your do-it-yourself juices flow. Be sure to check out the video posted above and, as usual, have fun!

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