The young Instagram will be reminded to take a break

Social media is a great way to capture friends and family and also see what the world is doing, but sometimes it can be bad for mental health. That’s because sometimes, some people become obsessed with social media and start comparing themselves to what they see on the internet, which doesn’t always tell the whole story.

This poor mindset can be devastating, especially for users who may be younger and more comfortable. Many Facebook decided to use a reminder section for its teens to use as they remind them to take a break from social media from time to time to help with mental health.

This is in line with the global case of VP and British deputy prime minister Nick Clegg tell CNN,We’re going to introduce something that I think will make a lot of difference, where our perspective is that young people see the same issues over and over again, and things might not help than their well -being, we will encourage them to look into other matters. ”

The company has not indicated when the segment will roll out, but it may be something to look forward to in the future. Companies like Apple and Google already have a similar-ish feature that allows them to show users how much time they spend on certain programs, and also allows users to set time limits on programs and reminders when their time is up.

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