This solar-powered 3D printer turns sand into glass sculptures

We offer you shots of the beautiful creations that Solar Sinter makes.

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We all know that glass comes from sand, but we do not always see this process in action. In this video we offer you shots from a 3D printer with solar energy, which makes glass sculptures of sand. Impressed? Just wait until you see the videos.

The 3D printer is called Solar Sinter and was built by Marcus Kaiser. It works as follows: after the computer-downloaded models are loaded into the machine, a large Fresnel lens emits sunlight on sandstone, resulting in high temperatures of 2,500–2,912 F (1,400–1,600 C).

This exceptional heat allows the sand to melt and become plastic enough to be shaped into beautiful glass sculptures. The machine was first tested in the Sahara Desert. You can assume that the conditions of the desert allowed the 3D printer to work to perfection.

What sculptures can this be 3D printer produce? How is it done? What is the engineering behind it? Where is it used the most and what happens to the sculptures it creates? We answer all these and more questions and offer you shots of the beautiful creations he makes in our video.

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