30 new offers for sale, which we add to our wardrobes

I’m probably not the first person to say that, but I’m inevitably getting tired of my clothes by the end of the season. Although I don’t want to get rid of things just because I’m tired, some pieces just have an expiration date. One of my favorite things to do when changing seasons is to take stock of items that no longer serve me and make a list of what needs to be changed.

Now that Who What Wear has its own namesake clothing line directly to the userWhich What Wear collection will be one of the first places I will shop for pieces refresh my wardrobe. The reason? There are many basics and trends that will blend seamlessly with my existing wardrobe, some of which are even for sale. Below I have listed my favorite pieces to freshen up my wardrobe, many of which have the potential to be worn all year round. Scroll to shop with me.

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