A new folding electric microcar can redefine urban mobility

Everyone who owns a car in the city struggles with parking and traffic with the ever-increasing number of cars around the world. In some cases, one would like their car to shrink to fit in a narrow parking space or to slide through a traffic jam. Well, this new all-electric microcar from start-up Israeli technology City transformer can do just that.

The new electric two-seater promises to reshape urban mobility in smart cities and hopefully help reduce the effects of road congestion.

The traffic and parking solution? Change the shape.

Claimed as the world’s first ultra-compact electric car by City Transformer, the CT1 features a closed, high-quality, safe and air-conditioned cabin with two wing doors. What distinguishes the CT1 from other electric microcars is its unique ability to change its width, even when in motion at the touch of a button. The new micro car helps to avoid traffic and parking problems by simply “changing shape”.

CT1 in motion. Source: City transformer

Combining the best qualities of two-wheeled vehicles and ordinary cars, the light 450 kg (992 lb) CT1 allows consumers a brand new, green alternative to mobility. In addition to the patented folding platform for electronic vehicles, this green micro car has minimal CO2 emissions with fewer parts than traditional cars. Moreover, it offers a top speed of 56 km / h (90 km / h) when unfolded and 25 km / h (40 km / h) when folded, with a range of between 75 and 112 miles (120 and 180 km) and fast charging, which can reach 80 percent in 30 minutes. In contrast to ordinary cars, this micro car has a fully electric drive with a power of 20 hp, which consists of two engines with a power of 10 hp located on the rear wheels.

A new electric microcar can redefine urban mobility.  By folding?
CT1 is only 55 inches wide. Source: City transformer

The CT1 uses its revolutionary retractable chassis technology to push its wheels for smooth driving in terms of both stability and speed, and pulls them for easy maneuvering. It starts from 98 inches (250 cm) to 39 inches100 cm) by retracting in its middle part for sliding through heavy traffic and squeezing in narrow parking spaces. All this covers only 55 inches wide (140 cm), this microcar can be inserted almost anywhere.

Are you interested? City Transformer notes that pre-orders are already available at a price of 12,500 euros ($ 14,650). The company plans to make a large-scale distribution of the electric car by 2024.

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