Amal Clooney wore a red carpet accessory that you can get for $ 12

George and Amal Clooney have kept relatively low profiles over the last year, so it was exciting to see them make stylish return to the red carpet. Naturally, Amal did not wear anything old to return home – she wore a dress with sequins from 16Arlington, a luxury British brand. But pièce de résistance was an accessory you can get for yourself on Amazon: white boa feathers.

With the advent of Halloween, is there an easier way to channel Old Hollywood than with an affordable feather boa? I do not think. The possibilities are truly endless. The only accessory can help guide everyone – from Harry Styles to a cover from the 1920s. Scroll down to see Amal Clooney’s latest red carpet dress and shop for the laundry accessory for yourself.

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