Apparently Epic can be considered a Fortnite movie

These days, we’re starting to see an increase in movies based on video games, such as World of Warcraft, Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and yes, even Angry Birds. And it certainly doesn’t come as a surprise or surprise to learn that Epic might be considering making a movie based on Fortnite.

This is according to the report The Information (paywall) who says Epic might be considering going into video games, and a video game show on Fortnite is an opportunity. Note that the report does not say that the film has been developed, but that it is something Epic may be considering.

There is the potential in such a movie since Fortnite is more or less a live game where players fight with each other until the last player leaves the stand. Given a large number of movies and based shows around this life / war royale genre, the most recent is the man Netflix’s megahit Squid Game, can be useful.

The game offers a street story called Save The World so we think a movie of the game could be based on that. Whoever develops the film can base it on battle royale mode and create an original story for him. In any case, it looks great, but whether or not it will work is a movie remains to be seen.

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