Engine Mods His iPhone And Put It In A USB-C Port

It was certainly a surprise when Apple introduced USB-C in the iPad Pro. Because Apple has long relied on the use of proprietary assets and back -wires when the first iPhone and iPad were launched. However, for some reason, USB-C hasn’t been brought to the iPhone, much less so far.

This is thanks to robotics engineer Ken Pillonel who created what he called the world’s first USB-C iPhone. What he did was he removed the iPhone X and made some changes and removed the Battery and switched to USB-C, allowing him to use USB-C cables to power his device.

But Pillonel also said, “This is. I ended up building a World First iPhone with a USB Type-C port. Supports prosecutions and disclosure of information. The first part deals with the use of electrical equipment. The next step was to re-engineer the Apple C94 to connect and make my own PCB with a female USB C port. “

It doesn’t seem like an easy mod to pull out unless you know what you’re doing and you’re willing to risk damaging your iPhone and removing its warrant, it’s probably better to just enjoy the work a Pillonel rather than modeling yourself. That said, the EU has previously said they planned to enforce for companies to use USB-C standard configuration.

This applies specifically to Apple as it is the only company that continues to insist on using their own private networks, but whether they will comply with EU requirements remains to be seen.

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