How to turn it off, restart any iPhone or Android Phone

All mobile phones, Android and iPhone offer a button to turn off or restart your device. But, You know there is other ways with the help you can turn on / off your device? In this article, you will learn the different ways to turn off, restart any iPhone or other Android phone.

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How to turn it off, restart any iPhone or Android Phone

For Android

Turn Off / Re -Use the use of Physical Buttons

The easiest way to Turn Off / Restart an Android Phone is to help a fasteners fasteners.

  • Turn off the phone, Long press the power button until a display appears on the screen.
  • Press it’s gone the option to turn off the phone.
  • The phone restarts, umi-print the key is the power to awaken from sleep.

Data Delete / Restart from position

Android gives you the feature to schedule when to turn off or restart your phone automatically. To use this, follow these simple steps

  • Open the Status programs and Search for Powers
  • Get it up Set the power on / off.
  • Set the time for closing and restarting settings and saving changes.

Disable the use of 3rd Party Apps

It is also possible to turn off a cell phone with the help of a third party party. It is very reliable Program control are available above Google Store to download. For this, I am using Shutdown (no root) program.

  • After reading this program, prepare as needed easy entry allowed.
  • Available on Bad Power / Reuse key to close or restart the phone.

Disable the use of the Command Line Interface

You can turn off a mobile phone with the help of a ADB instructions. To learn how to do this, follow this simple 2 min read how turn off an Android Phone using ADB rules.

For the iPhone

Delete / Reuse Using Body Lock

For iPhone 8 or earlier
  • Turns off an iPhone 8 or earlier model, umi-printed the power button for 3-4 seconds.
  • Swipe the power bar to turn off the phone.
  • The phone restarts, umi-printed the power button for 3-4 seconds until your phone rings.
For iPhone X or later
  • To turn off an iPhone X or a later model, hold down the power key with one of the keyboard shortcuts.
  • The screw and a bar switch for shutdown will appear.
  • Swipe the phone’s button to turn it off.

Force Restart an iPhone

For iPhone 8 or later

This restart power will stop the iPhone to repair something that has gone wrong. To do this,

  • Press and release the volume on the speed button.
  • Next, Quick print and release audio down buttons.
  • Hold down the power button until you see the Apple Logo.
For iPhone 7/7 Plus
  • Hold down the side button and press down the key at the same time.
  • Hold on until you see the Apple logo.
For iPhone 6s or earlier
  • Press and hold the Power Button and Home buttons at the same time to restart the iPhone

Data Delete / Restart from position

Unlike Android, there are no specific options available for users to do that. However, there are slightly improved ways to achieve equality. Can you put your iPhone to sleep and wake up using the program clock. Follow these simple steps to do the same

  • Open the Watches program and click on it Timer
  • Enter a useful time and set ‘After the timer‘to’Sleep iPhone‘.
  • Get the start button. After the timer, your iPhone will go to sleep.
  • Also, wake up, set a signal on your screen program clock for a special time.
  • When the alarm goes off, the iPhone will automatically turn on turn on even if they are in deep sleep.

Turn off an iPhone using Native Apps (iOS 11 or later)

iOS citizen prepare the unit to turn off your iPhone without using the body’s power button. To achieve this, follow these simple steps

  • Open Status
  • Get it up Wide
  • Swipe down and drop up Shut down.
  • Swipe the drop off slider on the right turns off your iPhone.
  • To restart an iPhone, go up Help Help and click on it Tools
  • Get it up More than then touch Restart button restart the iPhone.

Turn off your iPhone using the Command Line Interface

To turn off / restart an iPhone using the command line, you will need a Linux or a MacBook. Open Tigaina on your system and set up a third-party called program idevicediagnostics.

  • Install idevicediagnostics, types’ Setting up the libimobiledeviceand hit the entrance. This command will install all the library links and this program in your system.
  • After installing this, let’s’ closed ideovicediagnosticscommand to turn off your iPhone.
  • Also, Kind of ‘ restart idevicediagnosticsyour iPhone will restart.

Wrap it up

In this article, you have learned about 4 simple methods you can use to shut down / restart your Android or iPhone. If you find this article useful and descriptive, then Hit the like button and don’t forget to share this trick with your friends. As always, Stay tuned for better how-to scores like this one.

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