Infinix VIEW 11 Pro Capable of motion detection

The new Infinix REVELATION 11 Pro mai Infinix just opened with an emphasis on cheap games. Since Samsung unveiled its highly successful “Galaxy Note” smartphone, there have been many more OEMs they have built international “Displays” as well, often referring to multi-displays or hand-crafted works.

In addition to the basic multimedia capabilities due to 6.95-inch display, the capable games come from the 120 Hz FHD + display and the new ReleaseTek Helio G96 (July 2021) laptop (with 8GB or 11GB of RAM).

The official MSRP for the US market is $ 249, and this price will vary depending on the country of that check and your retailer.

At the cost of the price, I think the entertainment industry will be adaptable, so people should think more about “casual” rather than “high-end” games (most game progress pictures). For example, classes like Real Racing 3 should run smoothly (30-50FPS).

The audio features are promising with DTS audio support. Combined with the large screen, it should help provide a deeper depth when playing or watching a video.

I love the design industry, it looks modern and without any fuss. Infinix did a lot of work on this, and it’s not immediately apparent that the back looks like it’s made of plastic, not glass.

But also with official specs, its rear camera system is driven by a pre -built 64 MP sensor and “30X” zoom. The 16-megapixel Selfie camera looks good for the price but if you want a better software camera from Infinix, take a look at Infinix Zero X series.

In summary, the Infinix REVELATION 11 Pro an attractive design (for the price) allows Infinix to compete in a high-volume, highly competitive market. I see it more as a smartphone rather than a “game” phone, but all of this comes down to “graphic performance, per story” which will be revealed in a full review.

It’s hard to maintain a “win -win” situation in these areas through higher specs. Instead, Infinix may use its branding and buying power to try to compete in some stock markets apart from the competition.

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