iOS 15.0.2 Launches With A Range Of Features

iOS 15 was released a long time ago, and as with most announcements of many OS updates, there are definitely some bugs and various issues associated with it. The good news is if you’re running an iPhone with iOS 15 installed and you’re having issues with it, it looks like Apple has an improvement.

The company recently released a new update for iOS 15 which will be brought up in version 15.0.2 and according to the changelog, it looks like there are a lot of bug fixes. associated with renewal.

According to Apple, one of the fixes they discussed was how to save photos from Messages after deleting the message or thread, a statement we reported a few weeks ago. It also discusses issues with the iPhone iPad and MagSafe not being able to connect to the Find My network, and more.

We’re not sure if this is the full list of bugs fixed in iOS 15.0.2, but either way if you’re having problems with the first update, then hopefully this update will can resolve some of those concerns. The refresh should be live head up on your stand and hand pull the refresh if you don’t want to wait to be stimulated.

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