It’s official. Kawasaki motorcycles will become fully electric by 2035.

Following several leading carmakers that have announced plans for all-electricity, Kawasaki Motorcycles Heavy Industries said it will make all its bicycles electric for markets in developed countries by 2035. report from Nikkei Asia explains.

Kawasaki Motorcycle’s ambitious plans come with the warning that the company has no proven experience when it comes to electronic motorcycles – there are currently no Kawasaki electric motorcycles on the market. However, the company says it plans to have more than 10 electric models on the market by 2025 and is working to develop hybrid, all-electric and hydrogen motorcycles.

By 2035, Kawasaki Motorcycles aims to become fully electric in Japan, Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia. The Japanese company also said it aims to increase sales by 2.4 to 1 trillion yen ($ 9 billion) and increase its operating profit margin to more than 8 percent by 2030, compared with 6.1 percent this financial year. year.

Kawasaki Motorcycles aims to step up its efforts to protect the environment

Kawasaki Motorcycles says its efforts to limit carbon emissions go hand in hand with attempts to provide easy means of traveling the world after a pandemic. It is believed that motorcycles can provide safe transport in a world where people are more aware of the dangers of infectious diseases and the benefits of traveling alone. “Outdoor activities were popular during the COVID pandemic,” said Yasuhiko Hashimoto, president of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. “We will step up our environmental efforts by focusing on the post-pandemic lifestyle.”

Other motorcycles have also announced plans for electrification. Honda, for example, the world’s largest motorcycle maker, recently announced that it aims to produce 100% electricity vehicles by 2040. However, motorcycles are usually behind cars in the race for electricity. In July, for example, the iconic carmaker Mercedes-Benz announced it would do just that produce electric vehicles by the end of the decade. Along with its electrification goals, Kawasaki Motorcycles has announced that it will expand its production capacity at its plant in the state of Nebraska in the United States by March 2023 and that it will build a new plant in Mexico, which will enter operation in 2023.

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