Kendall Jenner poses in leather bodysuits and corsets for Halloween

Kendall Jenner posted a Halloween thirst trap on her Instagram yesterday just because it’s a ghost season. The model shared a photo of her Halloween costume from last year on the back, in which she presents it in a leather corset bodysuit and fishnet tights. “I need to understand Halloween,” she wrote. Jenner was Pamela Anderson Barbed wire for Halloween 2020. Over 5 million people liked her new grid post:

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Here is her suit in front, for a look at what the rest looks like:

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Jenner had a Halloween party last year for her birthday, where she wore a costume. The holiday drew criticism for violating COVID-19 restrictions in California. There were no widely available vaccines against COVID-19 at the time, and Los Angeles was under[utm_source|[utm_campaign|[utm_medium|[gclid|[msclkid|[fbclid|[refdomain|[content_id|d4309211-a4dd-4d8d-91b5-d4c1ad7344a7[content_product_id|[product_retailer_id|”>a Safer at Home order, where residents were advised to “stay home (stay unexposed); only go out for essential services—and when you do, stay six feet or more away from others; and don’t gather in groups.”

Jenner threw her birthday party at Harriet’s Rooftop during a time when venues like nightclubs, theaters, and bars weren’t supposed to be open: “Entertainment venues like these are not permitted to be open during this Order,” the city wrote on its COVID-19 site. Guests appeared to be largely unmasked at the party.

Jenner’s mom Kris spoke to Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM show shortly after the bash to explain why Jenner’s party was COVID safe. “At Kendall’s [party], they were all tested before entering through the door and had to wait, you know, half an hour while the testing was, the results were there, ”she said.

“And they were all tested a few days ago, you know, Halloween,” she added. “So we are really responsible and we ensure that everyone in our family and our closest friends are tested religiously. So, we do what we can, we, we try to follow the rules. And then, if people comment and are critical, I can’t control that. “

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