Nintendo says The Joy-Con Drift is usually not possible

A few years after the Nintendo Switch launched, users started getting an issue with their Joy-Cons, and that come in the form of Joy-Con drift. Often this is why Joy-Con starts to move alone into the game which may result in the need for action and action from players.

President of Nintendo later apologized for the matter, but if you hoped that meant the company would fix the problem later, think again. This is because the company seems that this is a problem that is completely unavoidable.

This is according to senior management and general manager of development technology Ko Shiota, which he said during the Q&A session about the new YOU ARE Switching problems are similar to car tires that wear out while the car is running, and this is something that can’t be helped.

But that doesn’t mean Nintendo isn’t trying to talk about it. According to Shiota, “And with that in mind, we asked ourselves how to improve durability, and besides, how can we stay together in movement and endurance? It’s something we’re dealing with. to be. “

Nintendo also said in Q&A that they have studied the issue and believe they have improved on resistance and durability, so hopefully this isn’t much of an issue in the future.

Meanwhile, a YouTube video earlier this year saw the addition of a small piece of paper into Joy-Con may alleviate the problem, but the fact of doing this will be done in your own right.

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