Southwest Airlines in response to accidents and burns in the PR crisis

Southwest Airlines ’motto is,“ Low fares. Don’t hide anything. That’s TransFarency! ”But apparently,“ hide nothing ”doesn’t apply to all businesses.

As of Monday, the airline had canceled nearly two thousand flights, including more than 1,000 flights, an astonishing 29% of the schedule on Sunday alone. On Saturday, the airline canceled 808 flights and delayed 1,187 flights.

The reason?

According to company representatives, the weather was to blame.

Although this “weather” has not appeared in the news, it is miraculous that it has not affected other companies.

Because that didn’t exist.

It was a blatant lie told in an attempt to save his face.

Predictably, the company was immediately dragged into social media because of the confusion over trying to grow the PR crisis. Comments criticizing the Southwest were piled not only in his posts about the situation itself, but also in older unrelated messages. The consensus was completely negative. But rather than accept what was really going on, company spokesmen chose to duplicate the lie.

So what was the real reason for canceling the flight?

It was simply a shortage of pilots. But it didn’t work out that way they enough pilots.

In fact, the pilots called the patients against the company’s dictatorship vaccine orders. And thousands of local pilots have gone to social media to say the least.

But Southwest Airlines denies that.

Like false claims about being guilty of the weather, company representatives think if they say something …anything– He will reject the evidence that the world sees and believe in its place.

The Southwest view is the complete opposite how to handle the PR crisis. And I suspect that over time it will get worse because desperate people do desperate things.

My prediction is that soon the airline will realize that it can’t convince people that some mysterious weather conditions that no one else can see are being canceled and that it will blame the pilots.

From the pan to the fire.

This move will further damage their reputation and confidence. It will also cause more pilots to talk, which will multiply the Southwest problem.

Based on the responses to the crisis so far, I anticipate that the company will attack the pilots, labeled as “anti vaxxers,” which would be an unfounded claim. It would also go back on an epic scale.

Because that’s not about vaccines. Or especially the COVID vaccine. A company believes that it has the right to force employees to make health decisions.

Speaking of medicine, there are many reasons why someone may not want this vaccine. Especially considering that it is used in a short time, so there is no long-term data on safety. And it doesn’t prevent the spread of the virus in the first place, so there is literally no logical justification for ordering it as a condition of employment. This is why we are seeing that uninserted and uninsured staff are also falling behind.

In the end, the company has thrown this crisis from the beginning and seems to continue to get worse at every step. If it continues down this path, it will destroy the company’s culture and public confidence, which can lead to a significant loss of market share over time.

But perhaps Southwest Airlines executives will hire professionals to handle the PR crisis, put emotions aside and manage that properly.

Only time will tell.

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