Tartinada Eggplant Lasagna is the Only Pot Dinner You Need in Your Life

I have a love-hate relationship with lasagna. On the one hand, you can’t deny the perfection of this sweet combination of pasta, meat and marinara layered between layers of sweet cheese … On the other hand? These layers can go from being perfect to being so heavy that you can eat them soon after you swallow them. Also, when you’re making all the ingredients from scratch, it takes a lot of work to put dinner on the table. So when I was doing the brain single pot dinners for the season, I decided that a lasagna pan was my future, but I decided to make it easier for myself vegetarian, and not even causing a nap. Follow my eggplant pan to see how the lasagna was made …

So full disclosure, I saw a couple of “lasagna pans” around the internet and thought about that this in particular the casserole was a fairly simple way to simplify the recipe. However, the sausage was heavy, which I don’t like with it plant-based environments This month … and every lasagna noodle “under the sausage … I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the step you push … use an extra noodle to get under – try leaving a small cushion of sauce underneath, so stick to the bottom and burn).” I knew that there was a better way.

And then I thought of making eggplant slices, mimicking the shape of lasagna noodles in texture, adding even more flavor and an important dose of nutritious vegetables. In addition, eggplant could be used as the bottom layer of noodles, and completely eliminates the need for sausage, making it healthier and easier at the same time. To simplify it even more, I used it Barilla’s Vero Gusto sauce at Heritage Marina, gives this dish a homey flavor, a step in saving time that doesn’t sacrifice flavor.

Go to recipes and label @camillestyles Instagram eggplant pan if you try this lasagna!

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