Twitter Links Website To Allow Users To Remove Followers From Their Profiles

If you have a social Twitter ad, it means that almost anyone with a Twitter profile will be able to follow you and see your tweets. Other times, people who follow you may be trolls looking to harass you, or spam bots that they think have been circulating on Twitter to find out. So how do you get rid of it?

Before you do this, you want to too make your Twitter profile unique or remove them from the block. However, blocking a person can sometimes have negative consequences such as that person making a new story to annoy you or having their own people describe their situation to a bitter ways, but that will soon change.

Twitter has announced that they are now launching a website that allows users to remove followers from their profiles without being blocked. The company started testing this last month, but they seem to have rolled it out to all users.

There are downsides to this section and that’s why if the user looks up your profile and sees that they are no longer following you, they can easily follow you until unless you choose to make your investment private. Twitter says they don’t tell users who have been removed from the person’s list, but we think if someone was determined to fire or harass you, they probably won’t have long to think about.

However, it is an option and another way to block, so perhaps for some users this may be very useful.

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