Urbanista Los Angeles review: Solar powered headphones that really work

“Infinite” is a file Difficult, isn’t it? Something is either “infinite” or it isn’t. So when the Urbanista describes its Los Angeles wireless over-ear headphones as having “infinite” playtime, it’s basically the same as saying Los Angeles doesn’t have infinite playtime.

Los Angeles though, to be fair with Urbanista, gets a lot closer to most of them.

At a glance, there is nothing particularly noteworthy about Urbanista Los Angeles. Like the Miami wireless headphones you rely on so closely, they’re good looking and well-characterized. And like every Urbanista product, they are named after one of the most memorable places on the planet.

Despite this, Los Angeles suddenly became unique on the outside of the headband. “Unique,” like “infinite,” is an absolute description, but for now, that’s the description Urbanista deserves. Because it is built into the outside of the headband there is a large strip of material called “PowerfoilIt is supplied by a company called Exeger. It is a material of solar cells and energy can be derived from it Which A kind of light, from sunlight to the lamps in your home. It always draws power, always charges, whether the headphones themselves are turned on or not. This means that the Urbanista Los Angeles will play for a very long time without having to charge it from the mains. Which is impressive, as the unique selling points go.

Photography: Urbanista

Regardless of this piece of engineering brilliance, it’s mostly Urbanista business as usual. Which means LA is a solid pair of headphones, comfortable at every touch point and not (like many competing designs) about to overwhelm the smaller listener. The build quality is unquestionable, the material selection wise, the color choices (“midnight black” or “sandy” gold) are pleasant, and there’s a degree of touch around Los Angeles that’s by no means uncommon. headphones Less than £200.

Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 5.0, which is convenient but rare. Audio is delivered by two of the same 40mm full-range dynamic drivers that were installed on the Urbanista Miami (suddenly a little low-tech). There’s active noise cancellation in three positions: “on”, “off” or “ambient sound”, and hair-trigger accelerometers that pause the music if you take LA off your head (or even move it a little over your ears). Fortunately, the “on-ear detection” can be overcome in Urbanista’s new control app.

As far as headphone control apps go, it is one of the best and most restrictive of what it can actually do for you. There’s a nice big screen that shows if the battery is charging or draining, there’s a three-stage noise-cancelling toggle and there’s the ability to select a physical ‘control’ button function on the outside of the left earbud. This is your share.

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