Your Safari Book is no longer end-to-end Branding

Just last week, Apple made a surprise update when they revealed that Safari bookmarks it will be twice the secret symbol. It may seem small but for people who value their secrets, it’s a nice change. We say “it” because apparently a week later, Apple decided to walk on it.

Now, to put it bluntly, we can’t be sure whether Safari’s list of markup as end-to-end markup is a mistake to begin with and Apple is currently correcting it, if it may have been they decided they didn’t want to grow because it was appropriate the support page, Brands now listed are marked only on the bus and on the service.

For those wondering what’s best, the end of graduation means the fact that you held the keys to the label on your device. That means Apple can’t recognize the type of sign you made in Safari even if they want it to.

However, by tagging in travel and on the service, it means that Apple will prevent your logos from being read / tampered with while streaming to iCloud, as well as when someone is try to install iCloud company staff. However, it also means that Apple now has the keys to your encryption, so in terms of the law you have to make a request for your information, in the belief Apple can give it to them in place. .

That said, we’re not sure if the list of end -to -end graduations is a mistake to begin with but something you might want to write about.

File c Apu >Wide. Read more about Confidentiality, Safari ma Safety. Source: apu apu

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