9 Hidden Locations on OnePlus 9 Pro After Android 12 Update

OnePlus went out Android 12-based OxygenOS 12 beta for the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro earlier this week. We installed the update on our OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone and noticed some new features and some changes as well. Here are OxygenOS 12 tips and tricks for the OnePlus 9 Pro that you should know even if you are yourself one of the new OnePlus phones.

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OxygenOS 12 Tips and Tricks for OnePlus 9 Pro

As previously reported, OxygenOS 12 is inspired by ColorOS 12 and therefore borrowed many features from the Oppo UI. Read on to know all the changes as well as the tips and tricks, that will allow you to apply them to your OnePlus worthy phone.

Special Dark Special

This popular feature on Android smartphones has become highly customizable with the new OnePlus UI. Although copied from ColorOS. With OxygenOS 12, users will be able to choose from a variety of dark settings rather than just on and off.

OnePlus will now offer three dark modes to choose from – Gentle, Moderate, and Improved. Apart from these conditions, you can also adjust wallpaper and markings according to the street darkness.

OnePlus fata

OnePlus has rebranded its shelf with the new OxygenOS update. You can enter the shelf from the top right by dragging it down, but you can stop it if it interferes with your quick setup and experience notifications.

1. Head to the Table by scrolling down from the top right corner, or from the Exam Quiz screen.

2. Now, on the right click on the gear indicator to open unlock position.

3. From the settings, remove the switch for “Launch Shelf from the top right corner”.

Apart from this, you can also customize your shelf by adding new widgets, tabs, as well as a new welcome message.

Scouting Search

The Altar also has a general “Scout” search engine that allows you to explore anything on the device as well as the website. For example, if you search for any name in this search box, it will display results that will include links, website results, videos, and more.

1. Open the OnePlus tray on your phone and tap on the search bar.

2. Now grant permissions to locations, contacts, storage, etc.

3. When you search for something, all the results will be displayed.

Tapoleni AOD 2.0

Users loved the new Canvas feature on the OnePlus phone. In the beginning, however, it was a normal group with only a few options. Now, users can customize the Canvas AOD according to their needs and create a more interactive AOD wallpaper.

Open status on your OnePlus 9 Pro.

1. Select “Personalization” and click on “Canvas”.

2. Now select your phone from where you want the Canvas AOD crate.

3. Click on “Receive” to complete the wallpaper and then you will see a new icon.

4. Swipe over the bar next to him, and you’ll see the buttons adjust.

Now, you can use different brushes, colors, and elements for your Canvas.

Privacy Security

OPPO has already announced this feature with its ColorOS 7 back in 2019. Now, it has come with the OnePlus 9 Pro and OxygenOS 12 update. In this section, you can hide your private hidden files and lock them with a password.

1. Open settings on your phone and write down in secret.

2. On the privacy mode, you will see the “Private Privacy” section.

3. Get up and set the 6-digit password for Private Safe.

Once you set up the password, you can add photos, videos, and more from your storage room to this file safe.

Lock Apps and View Apps

Next to Private Mode, the new app also brings two new features into the OnePlus 9 Pro. Now you don’t need any third-party software to lock or hide programs, and you can now use built-in features. Here’s how:

1. On the status page, select Secret.

2. Scroll down in the Security section and you will see “App Lock” and “Hide Apps” appear.

3. Install App Lock, enter the password for Private Safe and enable the toggle for “App lock” on the next page.

Now, you can select the apps you want to hide by allowing the toggles next to them.

4. When you click on “Hidden apps”, it will ask for the Private Safe password once, and here select the apps you want to hide and allow toggles next to them.

Declaring confidentiality

Status Introduction Android 12’s feature will come on all devices that support the latest OS. Even so, we mention it here because of its usefulness. This view lets you know which program is using the camera, microphone, or location of your device by displaying a small icon at the top.

Work and Life Balanced 2.0

OnePlus launched Work-Life Balance as an India-specific feature back in 2019. To remember, this feature allows you to create a different profile for work and secretly notifications from your own apps and vice versa. Now, this feature is also optimized and works automatically on the basis of your platform, WiFi network, etc.

1. Open settings on your OnePlus phone and write down in Settings.

2. This tap on “Easy tools” and on the next page, select “Work-Life Balance”.

3. You can set the method method by cutting the same at the bottom.

4. Now you can set auto-access routes from three options- “Based on time”, “Based on Wi-Fi”, or “Based on site”.

Once you have set the working mode to enable the method, scroll to “Save” at the bottom. Now, your phone will automatically go to your Work history when needed.

Doodle in Notes

Now you can edit the Comment with many text styles and also make doodles. And in Notes, you’ll find new writing techniques as well as handwriting and new brushes and colors.

1. Open the Settings app on your OnePlus phone.

2. Now, bake on the large + sign in the lower right.

3. On the new Display page, you can select the style, color, and more.

When you click on the small prominent pencil on the keyboard, it will take you to a new page where you can draw with your fingers, using different brushes and colors.

And here are some of the best OnePlus 9 Pro tips and tricks that you can also try on your OnePlus phone when connected to OxygenOS 12. Aside from all the features mentioned above, Android is definitely 12 features you can also use.

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