Adobe has released the search extension to make it faster because you can edit PDFs

If you need to edit a PDF file, usually this involves having to download and use a software integration such as Adobe Acrobat, and if you need more advanced editing features, you should pay for him. However, if you’re looking to make changes quickly and easily, Adobe is for you.

Announced by the company a new browser extension designed for Google Chrome. With this add -on, users will be able to make quick and easy changes, including adding signatures to documents, without having to bring up another program or the cost of paying.

According to Adobe, “Opening a new program on your computer or finding a website for PDF editing can be a hassle, especially when you’re in a hurry. And the native PDF viewer on your search engine restricts activity, allowing you to only view or download PDF files. But the Adobe Acrobat extension for Google Chrome, lets you seamlessly display, mark up, fill out, and sign PDFs, and more – all right from your browser window. “

Other features users can expect from the add -on include the ability to create comments on PDF documents, make minor adjustments, mark menus, fill out forms, and sign forms. Obviously there will be limitations compared to a full PDF software or using Acrobat for a website, but as we said, this should be good enough for those looking to do quick and easily in the browser.

If you like it, it’s the addition opportunities for download via the Chrome Web Store, so log in if you want to check it out.

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