Google Countersues Epic For Failures Breaking Their Retail Store Contract

Now Apple and Epic are suing more or less than already, and now it looks like Epic is likely to return to court, but this time they’re going to fight against Google. This is according to a report from ZDNet reported to have Google file a lawsuit against Epic on suspicion of breach of his store contract.

While the Apple VS Epic was more or less the headliner, the Epic went for both Apple and Google for the same thing, which made the Epic feel like the cut the two companies took apps and in-app purchases were very high.

In this test against Epic, Google states that “Epic turned its economy into Google’s spending.” That’s because what Epic did was they offered players an alternative payment method for in-app purchases while still staying in the Store.

Google reports, “Consumers and users don’t have to use Google Play, they choose to use it when given an option in Android stores and distribution channels. Google supports that option through Android itself, Google Play’s policy, and Google agreements with developers and manufacturers. ”

That means Google isn’t bothering Epic to use other payments, but this needs to be done outside of the Play Store. For example, Epic can distribute an Android version of Fortnite, but if they plan to use their own payments, they cannot distribute this copy of the app through the Play Store.

As such, Google is now seeking compensation from Epic for the amount they “lost” from users who may have used Epic itself paid for through the Play Store-download app.

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