Hailey Bieber Channels Clueless in Sheer Bodyuit, plaid skirt and blazer

Hailey Bieber gave a modern twist to the teen movie icon of the 90’s by Cher Meaningless in Santa Monica last night when he entered set of plaid blazer and skirt made of purple tweed by Alessandra Rich and Miu Miu moccasins. She added a pure transparent body from Sami Miro Vintage and a Prada purse for a good measure. The model wore the ensemble to a celebrity hotspot restaurant, Giorgio Baldi, where she was having dinner with a friend. Her husband, Justin, missed the date this time.


Hailey speaks SHE last February for his personal style and why he likes to pair designer clothes with streetwear. “I like to mix the two,” she said. “I think you can feel comfortable and look cool and elegant at the same time.”

She added that she initially started modeling in her late teens as a path to the fashion industry. “Maybe I wanted to go to FIT and learn about design,” she said of her initial career ambitions. “In another life, I would also like to be a doctor. I am interested in neurology; I love learning about the brain. “

Hailey’s dream of creating her own clothing line was still her aspiration in February 2020. “I also want to create comfortable sports time,” she said. “I love what Rihanna does. I think she’s amazing and her line is great. I also love the Olsen twins. I’ve been a fan since Passport to Paris. It’s the same thing I want to do – do things for myself and if people gravitate towards it, it’s brilliant. “

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