James Hunt, Celebrity Credit Guru, explains why a high income does not guarantee a high credit score

Have you ever wondered why the seemingly rich fight with the poor credit, James Hunt, also known as The Celebrity Credit Guru, has a simple explanation. If the slave or gentleman of the ordinary wage pays the bill in absentia late, the credit score will be successful. If Joe or Jane Millionaire inadvertently pays the bill late, the credit score is also successful. And because the rich also want to buy expensive things without paying money, their credit rating is important. This is why many celebrities rent their homes. They can’t get it mortgage.

Before James Hunt took the name The Celebrity Credit Guru, he was studying money and credit as he is, as a homeless person looking outside. “I would walk up and down Lenox Road in Buckhead (a wealthy neighborhood in Atlanta) and watch all the Range Rovers, Bentley and Rolls Royce cars pass by,” he said. “I would look at the people in the luxury apartments and dream of living like that, because it seemed like everyone else was enjoying life.”

Hunt managed to buy a cheap laptop and, through Starbucks WiFi, had to stop harassing them about laws that regulate credit and people’s rights by collection agencies. Hunt began creating a customer base of everyday people until one day he met a member of the Hip-Hop group Travis Porter, who became his first famous client. That was eight years ago, and Hunt counts Kanye West, Akon, Jaime Foxx, Ryan Seacrest, Tiny Harris, Cardi B and Offset, Young Thug, Future, Tichina Arnold, Tank and many other clients.

We asked James Hunt, The Celebrity Credit Guru, about the difficulty of credit, the burden of bad credit, and the problems that the average person realizes with the rich much more often than they both realize.

I understand that you were homeless at the first moment of your life. How did you end up homeless, and what did you learn from that?

I was left homeless because the whole bottom of my life had fallen apart. There were bad and toxic relationships with those closest to me in my life, I won’t talk about them, but I had to get away from that environment. I walked away from everything and everything, and they forced me to press the restart button in my life. It was better for me than myself to have a light success with those who led me into the darkness and I decided to stay away. As for what I learned, you learn everything! You learn to appreciate having a roof over your head. Also, being homeless teaches you that there is only one way to go when you hit the bottom, and that goes up. So in the process of climbing, you are allowed to take more risks because there is nothing to lose. There are no risk factors because you have nothing. I was able to hold on to the desire to go to work for someone else and I was blessed to find success.

The only two ways people know how to improve their credit is to pay what they owe or declare bankruptcy. How does someone fix someone else’s credit?

There are all sorts of things that a person can find in their credit report, which are negative and can be questioned and removed. Paying a negative account will not change anything in your credit profile. It will move from a negative unpaid account to a negative paid account. Actually, it’s still a negative mark on your brand report. Therefore, the logical thing to do is to question negative accounts. The law states that consumers have the right to sue for anything that may be inaccurate in their credit reports or simply to prove that a company that is reporting information has documentation to verify that what they are complaining about is correct. The law says that if creditors do not have the original application and the original signatures to verify that they belong to the consumer, they cannot continue to report it. My advice to anyone is to question anything. Your thought process should be, “If you want to report negative information and prevent me from living my best life, you’d better have proof with 100% accuracy.” It is up to you to promote the envelope and ensure that the Fair Credit Act informs you of what is required of you as a creditor of the Federal Law Agency.

People you’ve worked with include Ryan Seacrest, Kanye West, Akon, Future, Cardi B, Offset, Young Thug, Tiny Harris, Allen Iverson, Tichina Arnold, Tank, Bow Wow. How is it that many people who are perceived as rich have credit problems?

That’s one of the biggest misconceptions: that someone can’t have credit problems because they’re successful. If I make a late payment, I may lose 75 points on my credit score. If Shaqulle O’neal pays late he will lose 75 points on his credit score.

Everyone must follow the same rules. It doesn’t matter what your wealth or reputation is, what talent you have on stage, on the court, or in the movies; everyone has to follow the same rules and that is very good news. It seems that some people have some privileges that allow them to do things that other people can’t do, credit scores equal to all of them. If you go wrong with your credit and savings, you will be punished as poor or homeless.

The average person in this country has a credit card debt and there is little to nothing in the bank. Have you learned any lessons from working with wealthy people who have credit problems that you give to ordinary people who are struggling?

One of the things I go through is that your money doesn’t necessarily save you and your money from being mismanaged. I am currently working on a new book called That life of the Black Card – and I will state in that book “The life of the Black Card”It’s not just for successful people who can spend $ 250,000 on an American Express black card, but for anyone who understands how to live to the best of their ability and how it relates to their credit, debt, and timely payments. A teacher who lives abroad can live that life within his or her resources by having good credit, driving a Toyota Corolla, and paying bills on time. Although he may not make as much money, he lives like the person who drives a Rolls Royce in Beverly Hills and lives in a mansion. On a smaller scale. That’s my lesson for people who will look at people with great success and envy them. You will be surprised, there are famous people I know who want to get credit scores from some of my regular clients. All the money in the world can’t buy you a better credit score. Everyone needs to do the same job to get a great credit score.

The credit score is even harder than you think. So you’re saying that a person can make an innocent mistake, such as forgetting a payment or drawing too much of their checking account, paying the penalty and making the right payment, and yet succeeding with their credit? Absolutely! So the delay is not forgiven as they have been given a certain time to make the payment. If you do not make the payment on time, there will be consequences and the damage to your credit is a penalty. The points that are added to your score when you make the payment on time are the reward. At the end of the day, the credit score is the result of penalties and rewards. Once you understand that, you learn how to manage your credit.

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