Kanye West is selling his Wyoming ranch for sale

At the beginning of last year, Kanye West – while lying on a matte black ATV among a meandering flock of sheep –Described his nearly 4,000-acre plot, next to Cody, Wyoming, as a “paradigm shift to create platforms for freer thought than the boxes we are in now.” He had plans to transform West Lake Ranch, formerly known as Monster Lake Ranch, into the Yeezy campus: something like a complex of artists suitable for clothing, alternative energy and agriculture, and architectural projects that he had in his work with James Turrell. and Claudio Silvestrin.

Now West puts the ranch where it used to be GQThe cover story of May 2020– for sale, with a asking price of $ 11 million. According to Cody Enterprise, Ye bought the ranch, whose total property with additional leased federal land was put up for auction for $ 13.3 million, for an undisclosed amount as early as October 2019; Ye also listed seven commercial properties he owns in Cody for more than $ 3.2 million earlier this week. The property appears to be one of several in play amid Kanye’s seemingly heartfelt divorce from Kim Kardashian: Today, the news broke that Kim will keep the couple’s $ 60 million Hidden Hills mansion, which Kanye helped redesign with Axel Verworth. And last month Ye according to reports purchased a $ 57 million oceanfront house in Malibu designed by Tadao Ando, ​​not far from the Hidden Hills home.

This is the first of two ranches you own in Wyoming: Just two months after buying West Lake, in October 2019, he buy a second, larger ranch, about 50 miles. At the moment, he still owns this last property, called the Bighorn Mountain Ranch, which is home to seven beds, seven bathrooms, where he and his family reside while in the state. Listed as a one-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom space, West Lake seemed more of a sloping prototype space for Ye; According to the real estate ad, the once-in-a-lifetime property has two freshwater lakes, ideal for trophy fishing, livestock facilities, a commercial kitchen and a go-kart track.

Kanye plunged headlong into Wyoming’s life in 2018 when he recorded and premiered his album Yesas well as the Kid Cudi project Children see ghosts, at Diamond Cross Ranch near Jackson Hole. You were hoping to move your family to a full-time state, an idea that seemed to turn into something like a breakup in Kim and Kanye’s marriage. “We love Wyoming. It’s always been such an amazing place. ” she told Jimmy Fallon in 2019. “My husband just bought a ranch there. His dream and vision is to move there. I love LA, so I imagine summer, I imagine some weekends. “If the Bighorn Mountain Ranch survives the entire Jenga estate, I hope that can still be the case.

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