Report Applications 14-inch And 16-inch MacBook Easily Get Smaller LEDs With 120Hz Refresh Rates

And one of the highlights we’ve been looking forward to in the Apple MacBook Pro update is the new 14-inch form factor that will be launched along with the 16-inch model. There’s also the upgrade we’re looking at, with the M1X portable chips supposed to be even more powerful.

However, it looks like you might see something else and it’s new revelations. According to a tweet by DCSS CEO Ross Young, he mentioned that the update of the MacBook Pro will see Apple use the mini LED display in laptops as well as the 120Hz frequency renewed.

The use of mini LEDs first made their debut with the iPad Pro earlier this year and is the only Apple product to use the display technology. Apple also expanded its ProMotion 120Hz display on the iPhone 13, but now it looks like the MacBook Pros might be available as well. This is very interesting if the story is true because there are not many laptops that have the update rate above the standard 60Hz.

Of course, none of this can be confirmed but what Apple has confirmed is that they will be hosting an event on 18 October so maybe these laptops will be launched, so be sure to check back with us next week for all the official details.

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