Rose Rocket A is preparing to scale its transport operating software after raising $ 25 million in Series A funding

Rose Rocket, a Toronto-based SaaS startup, has risen $ 25 in Group A financing to scale truck-based transportation management software (TMS).

The funding round was led by Lee Fixel of Addition Capital and Mo Koyfman of Shine Capital and was attended by Ripple Ventures, Scale-Up Ventures, Kevin Mahaffey, Funders Club and Y-Combinator. Mo Koyfman, CEO and chief partner of Shine Capital, mentioned that the company participated in the round:

“Rose Rocket is a great location to be the first SaaS company in the transportation industry network. Collaboration between different network partners drives the growth of the platform and opens up significant opportunities to make money. Rose Rocket’s global team is launching the right product at the right time.”

Rose Rocket was founded in 2015 and has since helped transportation companies improve their communication efforts. The platform improves the efficiency of truck operations by changing the way customers, mobile goods and systems communicate with each other.

The growing link between logistics and freight has led to fruitful growth for Rose Rocket to grow rapidly. In the last 12 months alone, the startup has seen the number of users grow by more than 900% as technology adoption progresses as demand grows. In this regard, Justin Sky is the CEO and founder of Rose Rocket:

“When we started building truck software, we found that the industry was left behind by the SaaS movement. Over the last decade, we have seen the transition from the industrial pen and paper systems to the use of modern software. This is the first time in our industry. to be able to continue building products that will help customers unlock their operations and network. “

Transfers and logistics COVID-19 was one of the industries most affected by the pandemic, which highlighted the problems caused by the use of old systems. Rose Rocket helps organizations improve their operations through a specialized set of software, hoping to protect the industry from similar disruptions in the future, making it a major industry player essential to the global economy.

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