Scientists can grow meat proteins. With gene edited barley?

ORF Genetics in Iceland grows 100,000 genetically modified barley plants in a greenhouse measuring over 22 square meters (2 square meters) to create meat grown in a laboratory.

This cutting-edge approach has the potential to lower prices, eliminate dependence on live animals in the laboratory breeding sector and accelerate the process of increasing, According to BBC. And with the fact that at the expense of meat given almost 60% of all greenhouse gases from food production, such a development could have far-reaching consequences in the fight against climate change.

From barley to meat

But how does barley go from plant to meat? It’s all about growth factors, which are proteins that stimulate the growth of tissues, muscles and fat cells.

The ORF Genetics greenhouse is equipped with a hydroponic volcanic pumice system that can support up to 130,000 barley plants simultaneously. Altered barley seeds grown by high-tech hydroponic cultivation methods are collected and purified to extract growth factor proteins, which can then be used to generate meat grown in a laboratory.

These growth factors play an important role in stem cell maintenance and, for example, the company launched a skin care product that uses them in 2010 and does not enter the laboratory-grown meat market with its bio-risk growth factors. MESOkine.

MESOkine is a barley seed extract containing purified recombinant growth factor together with selected barley seed proteins, which is advertised as a “new, cost-effective and highly scalable production technology” compared to conventional sources of growth factor.

It is true that the cost of creating cellular meat has decreased over time. For example, the launch of Chinese biotechnology recently introduced his laboratory-raised pork, in order to achieve cost parity with traditionally harvested pork by 2025. However, growth factors are still an expensive ingredient that hinders widespread production and commercialization, and MESOkine may change that.

“We are convinced that ORF Genetics has the perfect production platform to drastically reduce the cost of growth factors in your production of cultured meat and to provide the necessary amount of growth factors.” said Liv Bergjorsdottir, Chief Executive Officer of ORF Genetics.

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