Tesla has the first megachargers to charge semi-electric trucks

Four years have passed since the presentation of Elon Musk Tesla’s semi-trucks, Semi, and the promise to drain their batteries in just 30 minutes. Finally, we are closer to how this will happen next reports appeared of Megacharger, located at Gigafactory in Nevada.

With a higher battery and the need to travel long distances than family cars, Tesla semi-trucks can hardly rely on extensive network of Supercharger. They need a much larger charger, and if we stick to Musk’s word during the discovery of the Semi, they will be powered not by fossil fuels but by solar energy. So the world waited with bated breath to see how Musk would handle it.

Musk has a name for these chargers, Megachargers, according to reports after the power of 1MW, these chargers will deliver and provide a mileage of 400 miles (643 km) in just 30 minutes. In February 2018, Reuters reported that Tesla was working with a number of large corporations that had pre-ordered these trucks and wanted quickly deploy these mega chargers, at least in their facilities, if not in public places.

However, Tesla It has been postponed several times with some estimates suggesting launch next year. So, launching the mega charger would at least suggest that things are going better with the Semi and it will be on its way, even if it’s for testing purposes.

Unfortunately, a look at the mega charger installed at the Giga factory in Nevada reveals very little. We can see that the charging station stands are much larger than in the Supercharger network and that they will serve electric vehicles (EVs) with a much larger footprint for obvious reasons. But so far we do not know about their charging capacity or whether they will be powered by solar energy, as previously promised by Musk.

C ABB unveils charger for electric cars which is not only universal, but also faster, now the pressure is on Tesla to supply a charger for larger vehicles. We will keep you informed of progress in this area.

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