The 2022’s Apple Watch could be offered in three categories

Currently, the Apple Watch is offered in two different versions. For example, the Series 7 comes in 41mm and 45mm sizes, but according to Ross Young of DCSS, he mentioned that of the 2022 Series 8 models, Apple is likely to be able to those options run up to three major variations. That means we’re talking about small, medium, and large sizes for the Apple Watch Series 8.

The kid didn’t specify how many new sizes, but his tweet suggested that Apple could launch one with a much bigger display. That means going forward, the 41mm will continue to maintain its position as a much smaller model, far more so in terms of the best current experts, but not the best. considering the Series 3 is still on sale.

The 45mm Apple Watch is a pretty good fit for those with slightly larger wrists or for those who want a bigger display, so we’re not sure how much Apple can go with it. without making the big clock.

There are also rumors that Apple may be introducing a new design to the Apple Watch lineup. Those films were originally described for Series 7, but when the show officially opened, no one saw those films. It was later suggested that their discs be passed on and for Series 8, but we suggest that you continue to take this with a pinch of salt for now.

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