Tile Updates Its Line With New UWB Technology

In terms of device search, Tile has been offering these devices for a longer period of time than Apple. However, one of the key benefits Apple AirTag has on the Tile is its use of UWB technology. Compared to Bluetooth, UWB offers more precise locations, which means users will be more accurate at locating lost objects than general locations.

However, it looks like Tile is now ready to take on Apple and AirTag as they announce their new tracker, the Tile Ultra, the company says will use both Bluetooth and UWB technology for tracking and tracing. locating lost objects attached to the tracker.

Tile said, “Ultra allows for an accurate visual search, making it easy to lose keys behind a counter or in a bag left in a noisy restaurant. Tile is working with Google to ensure a better experience on Android 12 and Ultra-Wideband supported smartphones. ” Tile Ultra is expected to launch in 2022 but if you can’t wait, Tile has also updated its existing lineup.

Included with the Tile Pro it offers 400 -foot Bluetooth but now comes with a new switch, making it easier to plug the keys out of the box. The Tile Mate, Tile, and Slim trackers are also updated with 250 -foot Bluetooth line, clean loudspeaker, and IP67 score for water-resistance.

For those concerned about these trackers being used to inject or tamper with, Tile says they will launch a new “Scan and Secure” feature in 2022 to allow users to use the Tile app to browse for recent Tile devices to determine if an unknown device is around them.

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