“You” Season 4 Guide for release dates, newscasts and spoilers

We apologize in advance for our moral compasses, which will once again be tested You, The hit thriller on Netflix starring the absurdly hot Penn Badgley as an absurdly scary serial killer. The streaming renewed the series for the fourth season just days before the arrival of the third, which shows his confidence in the show. While additional details may still be top secret (and perhaps stored in a shoebox somewhere in Joe’s attic), we’re gathering what we know so far Youthe forthcoming chapter.

When will it be released?

It is too early to tell. All we have from Netflix is ​​”see you soon”. Meanwhile, however, the third season arrives on Friday, October 15.

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Who is “for”?

Gossip alumnus Penn Badgley is likely to return as Joe Goldberg, the leading loner and accountant who obsesses and persecutes women, while, as his experience shows, he usually kills them. While the cast usually changes from season to season, we hope to see more of Love (The pursuit of Bly Manor star Victoria Pedretti), Joe’s wife and the mother of his child, who is also a killer.

Season 3 recurring stars include Scott Speedman (Matthew), Tati Gabriel (Marien), Shalit Grant (Sherry), Travis Van Winkle (Carrie) and Dylan Arnold (Theo). Time will tell if they will be able to reach the 4th season. However, showrunner Sera Gamble and producer Greg Berlanti have confirmed that they are back.

What will it be about?

As you might expect, the details of the plot are also still a mystery. The first season is adapted from the novel by Caroline Kepnes, Youwhile the second followed the sequel, Hidden bodies. Season 3 echoes the plot of the third book, You love Me, which was just published earlier this year.

So far there is no fourth book in the series, but on the screen Gamble teaches that season 4 will “explore new, dark aspects of love.” She wrote in a statement to Yourenewal of, per The Hollywood reporter:

“Reading Caroline’s novel, Greg and I were instantly obsessed with Joe Goldberg and his distorted worldview. And it was exciting to watch Penn lead Joe to a scary but fascinating life. We are deeply grateful that Netflix showed You such monumental support and that people all over the world have enjoyed watching Joe really very wrongly over the last three seasons. The whole You the team is excited to explore new, dark aspects of love in the fourth season. ”

Watch this update space.

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