2 Ways to Remove Followers on Twitter Without Blocking Them

Twitter a great platform to stay updated with events around the world, share ideas, and interact with followers. Because, the only option to stop others from seeing your tweets is to block them. However, you can now cold block and remove followers to prevent them from seeing your tweets or receiving your updates on their feeds. This is how you can remove followers on Twitter without blocking them.

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Remove Followers on Twitter without blocking them

At times, you may want to stop other people from following you or seeing your tweets feed them. Until now, you can block the person on Twitter or create your own private profile to identify who is following you on the site.

But in the meantime, you can use the weak blockchain or try Twitter’s new “Remove follower” to remove some people, such as removing followers on Instagram.

1. Using the “Remove This Last Person” option on Twitter

Twitter recently rolled out the option to remove followers on the platform. So far, the feature is only available on the Twitter website. It’s just like a remote unfollow button that makes someone unfollow you without their knowledge, like Instagram.

  1. Open the Twitter website ( in your browser.
  2. Go into your account if not.
  3. Click above Profile from side to left.
  4. Now, tap read later as shown in the screenshot.Remove Followers on Twitter without blocking them
  5. Click on three dots for the last one you want to remove.
  6. Select Remove this last person from free space.
  7. Dad Get rid of reaffirm.

2. Soft Block to Remove Followers on Twitter

Cold block means you block someone temporarily and then drag them away from your followers without telling them. The person will be removed as your follower and will no longer see your own tweets. To do:

  1. Visit the profile of the last person you want to remove on Twitter.
  2. Now, click on it three dots and choose Poloka.
  3. Confirm the speed to block the user.
  4. Then, click it Poloka and then Yes to open these things.
  5. In doing so, you will exclude them, and they will exclude you without informing you.

However, the user can follow you back and see your tweets by manually checking your profile. This means they can also send messages directly to you. If you want to secretly read those DMs, check out our guide reading Twitter messages without being noticed.

Wrap it up

Here are two easy ways to remove followers on Twitter without a permanent block. You can use Twitter’s Remove following or use the block and unlock trick to slowly block your follower. Both methods help you to be removed far down by the user you want to stay away from. Either way, do you like the new privacy feature? Let me know in the stories below. Listen for more stories.

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