3 new designer bags that will maintain their value in resale

If one investment bag the purchase was in your mind, the information below may intrigue you. This is true. Below I present some strong options for bags that are not only amazing chic and possibly have a high wear cost but also retain their value over time. To reveal the mentioned styles, I actually touched the resale expert Charles Gora.

He is the founder and CEO of Mecca for resale Rebagso he certainly knows his stuff. In connection with the newer styles of bags that could be worth buying, there are several key silhouettes that receive A +, given their desired and biased nature. In addition, there is currently more information about Rebag. Yes, the brand has just launched the second edition of Report to Claire. Using data from the brand’s pricing tool, Clair, the comprehensive luxury resale rating index, the report contains everything from market changes to handbags, accessories and watches and jewelry (new to the brand) that could cost an investment in the basis of resale value.

See more here and keep scrolling for a deeper dive into the bags in question. You will also find more styles of shopping bags.

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