An extra seven-day safari in northern Kenya

Extra seven-day safari
Northern Kenya

Deb Calmeyer is a unique founder of a carbon-neutral safari company ROAR AFRICA“You receive calls.” The subject of the call? An invitation to join a safari aimed at empowering women in northern Kenya. Our travel editor’s response? An ecstasy Yes please! You will see that responsible tourism plays an important role in funding initiatives and protecting biodiversity. This particular outfit is a prime example of the responsible, impactful and fully respectful tourism that is essential to carrying out the conservation needle. And every minute, in a word, is extraordinary.

Below, made by friends, is a spectacular list of wildlife found (from a safe seat in a deceptive Land Cruiser), a handy list of exceptional African women who change the face of conservation plus useful packaging.


ROAR AFRICA predominates. It converts all the caring and demanding teams (visas, Covid tests, flights and transfers). This special safari is held every year by Calmeyer and is curated by the traditionally changing face of the male safari industry to defend African women. We met from pilots, drivers and conservationists to cooks, night loudspeakers and antipoaching units – all women. The guests were also women, a diverse group of documentarians, investors and entrepreneurs. It’s a fun and entertaining stress-free trip for the solo traveler or the first safari traveler.

We landed in Nairobi and reached the open air of the old world Hemingways. Both the hotel and the surrounding community sit on top of what it once was Outside Africa author Karen Blixen’s land on the edge of the city. The two-night stay was adapted to the changing time zone, meeting fellow travelers and enjoying a private visit to the elephant orphanage Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. (The orphanage is funded through an animal adoption program, complete with updates on your adoptee’s progress; the reintegration of orphaned elephants into a wild herd is a process that can take up to five years.) The next morning they went to a small private airport in Segera after making eggs and sparkling cappuccinos. to fly north.

The group
elephant and man

  • team shot
    observing the animals in the group



    Fast It is an important success story in Kenyan conservation. Livestock that was flooded with pasture in the past, all 50,000 acres, was turned into a savannah by wildlife protected by an anti-fascist unit against Kenya’s first female owner, Jochen Zeitz. All the structures (main accommodation, guest suites, group villas, swimming pool, spa, stable galleries and wine tasting tower) are architecturally avant-garde, sustainable and world-class. In addition, the food of chef Violet — a large part of which is grown in organic gardens — is worth traveling on its own.

    Zeitz he built the property to reflect the invention of the four c– community, culture, trade and conservation. In practice, this means that you will notice the art of local shopping and weaving along with contemporary African art throughout Segera. Segera has a number of initiatives to preserve the land for future generations through an active reforestation program, a women’s fishing academy, and other solutions.

    Seger’s hand-carved furniture, Eden-shaped gardens, oversized Peter Beard photography tomes and Kitengela glass sculptures will continue to click your camera. The straw chalets — basically seeded and elegant tree houses — have warmth, comfort, and personality. You’ll like a four-walled mahogany bed, a panoramic savannah view, and a desk with new notebooks, binoculars, and ranch maps. Oh, and note: the mini library of contemporary African authors stacked next to each bed is a thing of a readathon dream.


  • safaria
    bedroom function
    bedroom view
    fruit snack


    The excellent staff at Sega bring expeditions, meals and sunsets (cocktails … at dusk) out of the park. The mornings begin before dawn with coffee and watermelon juice before entering the road, wrapped in blankets to greet the sun. After a two-hour follow-up – the guides have a laser view, seen long grasses, lion cubs and cheetahs camouflaged by strange birds – he returns to the inn to do a yoga session and exchange stories at breakfast. A big part of incredible food is the property itself, and cold pressed green juice? Let’s say you drink from a pitcher.

    After breakfast, choose your own adventure time. Browse the bed again, get a massage, try shopping in hand, curl up with binoculars or a book, shop or swim (crunchy salads and home-made fermented kombucha meals are provided in the pool, making it the perfect place to relax) – it’s up to you. During the afternoon game, keep your eyes peeled to see more difficult species like wild African dogs; the reward is to return cocktail time to the inn. And no, it’s not a cocktail party. You expect them to tint the glasses in khaki, place them in the library in the afternoon speaker, and then quickly change (or not) them before dinner.

    lunch table
    woman in kenia

  • truck
    lunch table
    animal observation


    safari tour

    It’s a journey as much as a safari learning experience. Flying home means that you have done well with a deep respect for the natural world — and your concern for the future of a world based on oxygen, climate control, and biodiversity. Everyday playful activities experience the oddities of the wildlife ecosystem and the oddities of animal behavior (elephants, they’re like us!). He’s also a range zoologist for Calmeyer’s whip-smart speakers Dr. Lucy King, conservationist elephant Resson Kantai Duff, and legendary photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher to name a few – it leads the way forward with practical conservation initiatives that are feasible and include the local community.

  • woman in kenia
    bike path


    ROAR AFRICA’s annual Women’s Empowerment Retreat is held annually in different African countries. The 2022 event is scheduled Rwanda and Calmeyer will direct and direct it. Most transfers are made on small private jets, which means only soft side luggage per passenger. As our packing list suggests, plan for convenience and keep it easy.


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