Apple has updated the Apple Watch Series 7’s Charging Puck

The Apple Watch Series 7 has minor changes to its design that made Apple use larger features compared to the previous generation. However, it appears that Apple has also re -launched the Apple Watch funding cake because according to YouTuber iMatteo, it looks like the new Apple Watch is packaged with an aluminum puck.

For those who own the Apple Watch, you’re probably familiar with the plastic magnetic puck that comes with Apple charging the Apple Watch. There’s nothing wrong with this since most of the parts, sit on your desk or stand, but it looks like the Series 7 comes with a design update where the puck is now made from scratch. aluminum, not plastic.

Also, it looks like Apple made the USB-C puck more convenient than the USB-A like other generations past. This means users who don’t have their USB-C charger will need to purchase one to operate it with the flashlight. Since Apple doesn’t include a prescription tablet, you’ll have to buy one yourself.

However, on the upside by switching to USB-C, the Series 7 will actually be able to charge faster than the previous one, which will allow it to hit 80% of the party and a little over 45 minutes of funding.

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