Bose’s New SoundLink Flex Speaker Is Long And Water-Resistant

Being able to relax in your swimming pool during the summer with a nice cold drink is a great way to relax. Having some awesome melodies playing in the background is just ice on the cake. If you’re chasing a set of speakers that you can bring to the beach or the pool, then you might be interested in Bose’s new SoundLink Flex.

The company has launched the speaker and installed a solid set of portable speakers. It features the use of silicone on the back and a metal cover plate installed by the company that will help prevent splashes and drops. He also has IP67 rate which is resistant to water, and Bose also says the speakers will float when dropped into the water.

However, the IP67 rating doesn’t mean it won’t float in the pool next to you while you’re cold, and while it may survive a dunk or two, you’ll want to fish it. ASAP. The company also boasts a speaker designed to be UV light resistant, so it won’t leak or flake when you leave it outside.

The speakers also feature a combination of combinations that will appear to deliver the “bass you can feel in your chest” along with the highest level of sound clarity, and the use of Bose’s digital signal. processor will help reduce distortion. The speakers feature Bluetooth connectivity and can connect to up to eight devices and have a battery life of about 12 hours. It costs $ 149 and e available for orders through the Bose website.

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