EmRata and Kaia Gerber wore the same $ 60 sneakers in New York

As excited as I am about everything new autumn boots nothing on the market can beat ordinary sneakers for everyday wear – feeling Emily Ratajkowski and Kaya Gerber he seems to agree. While having access to each designer pair of shoes under the sun, they both chose to wear modest vans. Era sneakers ($ 55) while I’m in New York and I love them for it.

Gerber shaped her white sneakers with a cool leather jacket and tan pants, while Ratajkowski went for a more casual walk with his baby in a striped T-shirt and jeans. Not that you need more proof, but these ladies are once again proving that white sneakers can be combined with absolutely everything in your wardrobe. Scroll down to see how the same Vans Era sneakers are shaped and shop for yourself.

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