Engineers have been building a massive mechanical exoskeleton for almost 3 years

This is both impressive and scary.

Exoskeletons – specially designed fur suits that give their wearers superpowers – have long been something of science fiction, but that’s changing today. From racing to helping supply chain workers with daily tasks, they are increasingly used around the world, and this is just the beginning.

For fun and entertainment, the team on the YouTube channel Hacksmith Industries builds a massive mechanical exoskeleton from January 2019. And yes, it was inspired by the P-5000 Power Loader, which is a commercially mechanized exoskeleton used to lift heavy materials and objects by James Cameron’s aliens.

Its powerful loader is based on the chassis of a compact crawler loader, with an existing hydraulic unit that feeds all the hydraulic cylinders of the upper body, according to Hackaday. The upper part of the case consists of plasma steel sections that are welded together and everything is controlled using an industrial control system based on the Raspberry Pi. The pilot on board can use a pair of joysticks on a simulator controller to control the power loader or a PS4 controller for remote control.

While the multi-ton feeder is not a practical or commercially viable product, it’s fun to watch it all come together. If you are curious to see more, watch the video embedded above and enjoy as always!

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