Google Pixel 6 Available For Free OS Upgrade

Do you want Android updates available on phones? This depends on manufacturing, but generally we’re looking at 2-3 years worth of major OS updates, but for Google it comes with Pixel 6 smartphones, it looks like it could Google will give the phone four major OS updates.

According to a tweet by @_snoopytech_ who says that for the Pixel 6, Google may be able to hand -out four key features of the OS. Maybe the phone will launch with Android 12 on board, so that means the phone will support up to Android 16, and it’s pretty cool and a reasonable amount of time for a supported handset.

A previous report revealed that the phone could also be eligible for a period of five years of security renewal, so combine this with the four major OS updates and you’ve got yourself pretty good. Most people change their phones every 2-3 years, but if you’re the type to hold on to their device for a long time, it will make sure that your phone will be supported even if you save for it. the next 4-5 years. .

That said, we probably shouldn’t be too surprised. Google is behind Android and its Pixel phones so for them to support it longer than other manufacturers is reasonable, although the expectation is a behavior that other handset manufacturers could adopt in the future.

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